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"Never stop learning, exploring

and moving forward"

Hi,my name is Emma

I help business owners perfect their personal branding authentically so they can attract the right clients to their business.

When my first child was born we moved overseas, I was isolated and lost, I felt like I wasn't me anymore. I loved being a mama more than anything, it was always my calling in life, but I knew I wanted to be more than that, doing what I had no idea.

Fast-forward a few years I finally started my own business, doing what I was good at, but I still was not really clear on what I wanted to niche down in and offer, I just knew I wanted to help people. I found myself educating, coaching, empowering, but that wasn't what they were paying me for. It wasn't until I really dug deep into my thoughts to work out what I truely stand for, what I want to be known for, what am I passionate about doing.


I educated myself and invested in a coach!

My passion is educating people, empowering them, I want to transform their life and truly make a difference.


So that is how I gradually morphed into my role as what I'm calling a Brand Strategist, a more commonly used term would be business coach.

I have Creative skills, IT skills, Communication skills, and Attention to detail!

I still help people with various tasks, including graphics for just about anything, Social Media Management & Web Design.

I like to work with people who I have a connection with, I'll go over and above and often do extra little things for you here and there to make the process easier.

If I identify some where you need to improve, I will tell you!

You can expect my honesty and know I have your best interests at heart.

Notebook and Pen
my story